About Us

We are a 360° full service boutique marketing agency with very deep roots in our community and broad wings to reach and exceed our goals.

We create results-driven campaigns that inspire enduring relationships between our clients and their customers.

After being a sales manager at a local radio station in Miami, Richard Marañon spearheaded a two-year project establishing TV and radio stations in Honduras. Upon completion of that project, Richard saw the growing potential of Hispanics and their buying power right in his backyard. Media stations were emerging across the country to target this market segment, yet businesses struggled to reach HISPANICS. In July of 1985, Richard Marañon set out to bridge the gap between American Brands and the Hispanic Community.

Shortly after opening, Richard Marañon and Associates acquired clients such as Revlon, Chesebrough-Pond’s, Coor’s and many local clients, such as Estrella Insurance, Royal West Properties and Los Ranchos Restaurant.

After over three decades, our agency has evolved into one of the leading Hispanic and minority-owned agencies, offering solutions to brands, media companies, and political candidates wishing to reach this community.


Richard Marañon, Chairman

A pioneer of U.S Hispanic Market advertising and 3 hour lunches, Richard Marañon founded one of the first Hispanic marketing agencies in 1985 to bridge the gap between American brands and the Hispanic community.

Legia Marañon-Garcia, President

As the second generation president at RMA Legia is committed to moving the legacy forward, which directly impacts the effectiveness of the agency. Her #1 priority is positioning her clients as #1 in their industry.